Drain maintenance & Cleaning services

Blue Tower Service offer a drain maintenance service which is carried out by our experienced team who work to remove scale, silt, grease and debris, to help maintain clear drainage. If you do not have your drains cleaned on a regular basis you can reduce the bore size of your pipes, which can lead to reduced capacity within your drainage system, increasing the chances of blockages occurring.  Blocked drains have the potential to cause all sorts of serious problems from leaks to pipe ruptures, which can be expensive to repair.

Blue Tower Services provide preventative maintenance for your drains, as well as disinfection in the event of a leak or pipe rupture.

All drains require periodic maintenance and cleaning to prevent accumulation of scale, silt, grease and debris. Drain jetting is perfect for all kinds of drains and blockages it tackles the build up of scale, silt and grease quickly and efficiently. It can also remove tree roots and anything else that gets stuck in your drains.